Tetris on a Quantum Computer

We searched for fun video games in the Quantum space and found nothing but chess and puzzles. So we built Quantum Tetris, and made it our mission to teach Quantum principles in a familiar game format. Confused by Quantum? Check out this video by Kurzgesagt and the Australian Academy of Sciences:

How to Play

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Basic Tetris Rules

Quantum Tetris plays just like regular tetris! Blocks fall one at a time, it's up to you to rotate and position them. Fill a full row to clear it. If blocks reach the screen top, then it's Game Over!

Quantum Superposition Pieces

Superposition pieces exist in two states at once! While falling, they can be one of two pieces based on their quantum probability in the top left box. The only way to force a superposition piece to stay in one state is to 'measure' by placing it down on the tetris stack.


Position pieces with LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. Rotate pieces with UP. Hold DOWN to fast fall, SPACE to instant drop. Press X or H to use power-ups!

Quantum Entanglement

Some Superposition pieces come in entangled pairs! They are NOTs of each other, so they move as mirror images. When the first piece lands, it measures as 1 and the other piece flips to 0! Checkout the visualizer to guess which piece the first to land will become.

Comfortable with code? Check out our Github.

Explore the IBM Qiskit backend that powers Quantum Tetris. Learn how to create Quantum games of your own!